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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Ceiling Fans:

Do you install ceiling fans?

Yes, we have an electrician that does nothing but ceiling fans. We install ceiling fans in pre-wired locations and also in locations where no wiring or ceiling fan support is already installed. (Attic required)

Can you provide wall switches for ceiling fans?

Sometimes it’s more cost effective to purchase a fan with a remote that can be mounted on the wall or placed bedside or on a table. Remotes also give you a wider range of control from fan speeds to dimming of lights.

What kind of ceiling fan should I buy?

This is a personal choice depending on the look you are trying to achieve however the size of your ceiling fan can be determined by your room size. See our ceiling fan page for more information on sizing the fan to your room size. A good middle of the road ceiling fan is the Hampton Bay Huntington series available at your local Home Depot.

How far above the floor should my ceiling fans be?

Your ceiling fan installation should be between 8 feet to 10 feet above the floor, that’s what most manufactures recommend. Higher ceilings or ceilings with a slant will require a down rod. Flat ceilings at 8 feet will need to be “huggers”.

Do you balance the fan as part of the installation?

Meade Electrical Services strives for absolute perfection in every job we do. We not only balance the ceiling fan but clean off any fingerprints or other marks made during the installation. Our electricians also do a complete cleanup after the installation.

Do you charge extra for ceiling fans with light kits?

Only when we are installing wall switches, this requires additional wiring, switches and labor. Fans with remotes are always a more cost effective solution and there is no additional charge for these light kits.

Do I need outdoor rated fans for under my patio cover?

Yes, these ceiling fans come with stainless steel screws, water tight seals and blades made for the elements. Normal indoor ceiling fans will work but your blades will soon begin to droop and the fan will quickly become unbalanced.

Which way should my ceiling fans spin?

In the winter time it is recommended that your fans push the air down or spin counter clockwise. Because warmer air rises you will want to push that air into the living area. The opposite would apply in the summertime with your ceiling fans spinning clockwise pulling the lower and cooler air upwards.

Does Meade Electrical Services install ceiling fans on very high ceilings?

Our electricians work on ceilings up to 12 feet.

Cities Served:

Does Meade Electrical Services have an electrician in Avondale?

We do have an Avondale electrician available Monday thru Friday from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

Does Meade Electrical Services have an electrician Chandler AZ can call upon?

Yes, we have Chandler electricians to assist you with your electrical needs in 24 hours or less.

How about Gilbert AZ, can I hire Gilbert electricians to help with my electrical problems?

We have an electrician Gilbert AZ residents can call to address your electrical issues.

Does Meade Electrical Services have an electrician Glendale AZ can call?

We do have Glendale electricians available for residential and commercial electrical services.

What about Mesa AZ, do you have an electrician in Mesa AZ?

We are located in Mesa AZ and our Mesa electricians have a very fast response time.

Does Meade Electrical Services have a Peoria AZ electrician?

We do have Peoria Electricians for commercial and residential electrical repairs and installations.

Can I hire an electrician in Phoenix to fix my electrical system?

Meade does a lot of electrical work in Phoenix and we schedule our Phoenix electricians daily.

I live in Scottsdale and need an electrician in Scottsdale to do some electrical work, can you help.

Yes, we have a Scottsdale electrician assisting homeowners and businesses daily with their electric needs.

Can Meade provide and electrician in Tempe to repair my electric.

Our Tempe electricians are anxious to assist you with your electrical concerns.

Commercial Electrical Services:

Do you do commercial electrical work?

Yes, our commercial electricians do everything from minor electrical repairs and installations to complete tenant build outs and remodels.

Are you licensed to do commercial electrical work?

Yes, we have Electricians In Mesa AZ and the state of Arizona have licensed for commercial and residential electrical work.

What is a commercial electrician?

A commercial electrician possesses the skills and has the experience to address any electrical need in a commercial building like an office, restaurant or medical building.

Dedicated Circuits / Additional Power:

When do I need a dedicated circuit?

This need usually arises when a new appliance is added or a new piece of equipment is installed. Example: you added a new microwave which draws 1500 watts. Your current circuit is 15 amps which gives you 1800 watts max (120 volts x 15 amps = 1800 watts) the problem is that the same circuit is being shared with you toaster and coffee machine putting your load at well over 1800 watts. Your electrician will do this calculation for you.

How much do dedicated circuits cost?

Each situation is different and depends on the location of your main electrical panel and the place you require the additional power. Give us a call and we will be happy to give you a free estimate.

Why else might I need a dedicated circuit?

Many of our customers have families and go “all out” with holiday decorations and lighting. Adding a dedicated power outlet at the main panel separates this circuit from all other power circuits giving you the ability to be as festive as you like without disrupting your indoor power usage. Other reasons are additional refrigerators or freezers in the garage. Having a dedicated circuit can be the difference between a healthy supply of fresh food or a fridge full of spoiled and rotten food because the garage outlets are usually governed by a GFCI outlet in your bathroom or kitchen. Adding a dishwasher is yet another reason you may require additional power.

What about my computers, do I need an additional circuit for this?

In most cases no, however if you have numerous computers in your home it is possible due to the additional power load. In older home it’s more advisable especially if your circuit has no grounding wire. Always use a surge suppressor with computers or any other sensitive electronic equipment.

How can I determine the correct amount of additional power I need?

Check your new appliance or equipment for the wattage used. Take that wattage and divide by the voltage which gives you the amperage required. Example: a space heater that draws 2160 watts at 120 volts requires a 20 amp circuit. (2160 watts divided by 120 volts = 18 amps)

Electrical Service Calls:

At what times are electrical services available?

Our electricians provide electrical service daily from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM; we are on call 24/7 for emergency electrical service calls.

How do you charge for service calls?

Service calls are charged at an hourly rate of $95.00 per hour with a minimal travel charge.

Does Meade Electrical Services provide free estimates?

We are happy to provide you with a free estimate on all electrical construction projects and installations.

Do you carry all the parts I’ll need?

In most cases your electrician will have the necessary parts to do your job but in some cases we will need to make a quick run to the nearest supply house. This is most common when circuit breakers are required because of the large variety of makes and models.

When I have a job done what is my warranty?

Meade Electrical Services provides a full 5 year parts and labor guarantee on all work.

Will my electrician clean up after the job is done?

Excellence in service is the cornerstone of our being voted #1 amongst the best electrical contractors in Mesa AZ; no job is complete until any mess has been cleaned up.


Is my electrician qualified?

In a word yes, your Mesa electrician will possess the superior skills to complete your electrical project with the highest level of professionalism and best workmanship available. Our electricians pride themselves on doing only the finest installations both quickly and at affordable prices. We have been voted best electrician Mesa AZ and would love to earn your vote too.

Will my electrician be background checked?

Absolutely, your comfort and safety is a top concern. Your electrician in Mesa AZ will also be polite and well groomed, we are guests in your home or at your business and our respect is just another way we like to say thanks for hiring us.

Has my electrician been substance tested?

Yes, and again your safety and comfort are a top concern.

Home Inspections / Electrical Repairs:

My home has just sold but the buyer has requested that a few electrical repairs are made, do you do these repairs?

We make these electrical repairs all the time, but first congratulations on the sale of your home. Most of these repairs are minor (double tapped circuit breakers, reverse polarity on outlets, over-sized circuit breakers, add a GFCI outlet and such). We would be happy to give you a free estimate on making these electrical repairs and in most cases we can do the work on the spot so you can concentrate on moving.


Does Meade install Recessed lighting?

Our electricians install all kinds of recessed lighting from the most popular being 6 inch to 4 inch recessed lighting.

What about motion lights?

Yes we install motion lights but there are 2 reasons to install it. Our electricians look at both security and convenience when placing the motion lights. Correct positioning will achieve both goals.

Do you install florescent lights?

We do, florescent lighting is one of the most energy efficient types of lighting. We replace florescent ballasts too.

Main Electrical Panels:

Do you replace main electrical service panels?

In a word yes; our Mesa AZ electricians do quite a few electrical panel upgrades but we always inspect the existing main electrical panel to see if it can’t be updated with new parts to save you money.

What brands do you install?

Meade carries all the major brands including Square D, Cuttler Hammer and Seimens

What about sub-panels?

Yes, we install sub-panels and in cases where you are considering replacing your existing main panel to gain more spaces for additional circuit breakers this is a more cost effective solution.

Pool Equipment and Spas:

Does Meade work on pool equipment?

Yes, we have pool electricians available throughout Mesa AZ but they work only on the electrical power supply and circuits. We do not work on filters or pool plumbing.

I’ve lost power to my pool equipment, how come?

There are several possibilities here but the 2 most common are a bad circuit breaker which is a simple fix or the underground conduit has rusted away leaving the wires exposed to damage. The simplest way to see if you underground pool power conduit has rusted away is to carefully remove a couple of inches of dirt away from the conduit where it first goes underground, if it’s rusted away you will need to replace the conduit and wires.

How much does it cost to replace the underground pool power conduit and wiring?

Each situation is unique and depends greatly upon the distance the pool equipment is from the main power panel. Other factors like sprinkler systems, sidewalks or pavers and landscaping being in the path also affect the cost. Call for a free estimate.

How quickly can I get service to my pool equipment?

We understand that your pool will start to turn green if the problem is not fixed quickly. In the event we cannot get to you quickly we can provide you with a temporary above ground hookup but you cannot swim in the pool until it’s properly fixed for your safety.

Residential Electrical Services:

Do you do residential electrical work?

Yes, we are happy to provide you with a residential electrician to address all of your home electrical needs.

Are you licensed to do residential electrical work?

Yes, we are licensed to do both commercial and residential electrical work.

What is a residential electrician?

A residential electrician has the experience and skills to professionally complete all of your electrical needs within your home.