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Professional installed lighting can enhance the look and feel of your home as well as increase its value. Our Mesa AZ electricians are experts at bringing that elaborate look to you at affordable prices. From spectacular accent lighting effects to creating that perfect atmosphere with recessed lighting your residential electrician in Mesa AZ will work with you to design the perfect lighting array for your home. We also have commercial electricians for lighting in public buildings. Meade Electrical Services, the electricians Mesa AZ calls for professional lighting.

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Lighting Design – What Electrical Contractors Look At

Recessed Lights

Ambient Lighting

This is the light that encompasses the majority of the room. When properly installed by electrical companies, ambient lighting should give the room a comfortable feel that is not over powering yet gives the room adequate light. The lighting should be evenly balanced and deliver an overall uniform glow. Recessed lights are often a great option when used in conjunction with flood light bulbs. Recessed lights are available in sizes ranging from 3 inches to 8 inches in diameter with 6 inch being the most popular. Trims come in a variety of colors and styles designed to govern the flow of light and enhance your homes decor.

Accent lighting

Accent Lighting

This is commonly used to place emphasis on a particular piece of artwork, a sculpture or other feature in a room. Accent lighting is most effective when the total light output is 4 times the lighting level of the general or ambient lighting level in the area. Fixtures most commonly used for accent lighting are track and recessed lighting because they can be aimed in the direction of your featured piece. Objects like paintings will often require halogen lighting because it delivers a pure white light where fluorescent and incandescent light produce distorted color and weaker brightness.

Cove lighting

Cove Lighting

It gives a room the dramatic appearance of being more spacious and open. Installed in a soffit or crown molding, cove lighting looks best when it’s evenly distributed producing a smooth lighting level along the rooms perimeter where the ceiling meet the walls. Light output is determined by the distance from the ceiling and desired level of brightness. Often times, dimmer switches are the best option as the rooms ambient lighting level may change. Rooms with higher levels of ambient lighting will require higher cove lighting levels to be effective. Your Mesa electrician will be able to advise you on the best options for your rooms.

Task lighting

Task Lighting

It is commonly used above counter tops and islands where additional light is needed. Recessed, track and pendant light fixtures are popular choices because these types of fixtures can be concentrated in specific areas. Beneath the cabinet lights are also very popular and can double as night lights when controlled by dimmer switches. Additional areas to consider task lighting are above desks, next to barbeques and even bedside for reading. Each use will have different needs and require different fixtures, your local electricians can advise you accordingly.

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