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Our Mesa electricians take pride in their work and make each service panel upgrade mechanically sturdy, square and level for absolute perfection. Each installation comes with our exclusive 5-year parts and labor guarantee and the peace of mind in hiring Mesa’s best electrical contractors.

Meade Electric Services offers circuit breaker boxes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and from numerous manufactures. Your electrician will evaluate your job and recommend the best panel to properly address your needs while keeping your budget in mind. From residential service panel upgrades to large commercial installations, Meade Electrical Services has the electricians Mesa AZ knows for delivering high quality work at affordable prices.

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Your homes electrical panel is the place where the electric company’s power gets distributed throughout your home. The utility company’s power passes through your panel to each individual circuit which provides power to all of your lights, receptacles, appliances and motors. Each of these wires (or circuits) is capable of delivering only so much amperage safely. If too much amperage flows across these wires they will heat up and a fire is possible. These “overloads” are eliminated with circuit breakers that limit the maximum amount of amperage available to each wire.

Circuit breakers that function properly are vital to the safety of your home. Many times, older panels don’t need replacement but just need new circuit breakers installed, and that saves you money. Ask your residential electrician in Mesa AZ about electric repairs and other money saving options before doing a complete panel replacement.

Reasons To Upgrade Your Main Electrical Service Panel:

  1. Your homes power demand is greater than your existing panel can supply
  2. Your electrical panel has been red tagged or deemed unsafe by a city inspector or the power company
  3. Adding an addition on to your home
  4. Installing a tankless electric water heater
  5. Adding other high energy demand items like hot tubs or spas
  6. Your circuit breaker box has been damaged beyond repair


* Before making the decision to upgrade consult with a knowledgeable Mesa electrician from Meade Electrical Services. Many of the above reasons for upgrading can be addressed with load balancing or electrical repairs being made to the panel and that saves you money.

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Some electricians and electrical companies refer to an electrical panel by other names; here is a list of those names:

  • Breaker box
  • Circuit breaker box
  • Circuit breaker panel
  • Distribution board
  • Electrical service
  • Fuse board
  • Fuse box
  • Load center
  • Main panel
  • Panel board
  • Residential service
  • Service panel
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Meade Electrical Services also has commercial electricians for your business needs.

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